Safe Gun Technology for Austere Environments

User Authentication

SGTi’s patented biometric firearm safety applications prevent anyone who cannot authenticate his/her biometric signature from firing the weapon. This application results in unprecedented levels of firearm safety and protection for law enforcement officers, agents, and users of law enforcement-type service pistols, carbines, and shotguns. SGTi technology not only provides users peace of mind, but mitigates risk in firearm theft and liability.


System Features

SGTi Engineers have designed our safe gun system to have zero impact on normal operation of the firearm and meet law enforcement service pistol with safety technology baseline specifications. Some of the features include but are not limited to:

- Minimal change to firearm dimensional specifications and finish
- No impact on firearm functionality, maintainability, or reliability
- Meets service pistol specifications for durability, environmental and mechanical shock
- System does not impact firearm accuracy or dispersion, or speed in deploying and firing
- Meets Service Pistol MTBF outlined in baseline specifications
- System functionality and performance is not impacted by electromagnetic interference
- System can be disengaged to an open fire position
- System does not have a data or communications interface, assuring it cannot be ‘hacked’
- System can be operated in adverse conditions with gloves


SGTi Technology

SGTi systems uses biometric authentication to identify the person holding the firearm to disengage the mechanical safe if they are recognized as an authorized user. Although other smart gun systems utilize mechanical components with a key or code to lock a firearm, the potential exists for an unauthorized user to gain access to that key or code to use the weapon. In addition, in a situation where an authorized user needs to defend him/herself, the delay of inserting a key or entering a code is not practical.
SGTi has addressed both the need for this safety system and the shortcomings of traditional mechanical methods by adopting an electro-mechanical solution. The current system uses a biometric identification device (in this case, a fingerprint reader) that recognizes individual people based on physical characteristics unique to them. Once the individual has been “read”, the system will either deny use, or enable the weapon to fire if they are recognized as an authorized user. With this system, Gun owners only need to handle the gun as they normally would to put it into action. The scanner is located along the natural grip line.
In addition, our engineers designed the system so it could be retrofit into legacy firearms via a professional installation. This approach allows law enforcement agencies and users to make a firearm safety purchase versus a new procurement.

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